At Universal, we believe that a successful safety program starts at the top. Our Corporate Safety is in constant communication with upper management and the field level always assessing ways to improve.  Daily meetings are held at the jobsite, weekly meetings are held with all site safety management, and monthly meetings are held with all upper management. Key points discussed in each meeting are (1) what is being done right and can be utilized by all other sites and (2)deficiencies that can be improved upon across the board.

Our commitment to working safely starts in the beginning with our new hire process. Each employee is trained with general safety topics, task specific topics and jobsite specific topics. Each employee is walked through each work area to identify hazards and assigned an existing employee as their partner before starting work.  All Superintendents are required to have the OSHA 30-hour, First Aid/CPR/AED Training, Defensive Driving and have been through the Superintendent Construction Safety Course. All Site Safety Mangers are required to have the OSHA 500 and First Aid/CPR/AED Training.  Universal also has an extensive in-house Scaffold Training Program following the program guidelines from the Scaffold Training Institute.

Safety is as easy as remembering your TASK.   “T”hink through the Task.  “A”ssess the Risks.  “S”ee and control the hazards. “K”eep safety first in all tasks.

Description 2019 2018 2017 2016
EMR .076 .075 .072 .064
Man Hours 644,911 285,780 176,807 465,176
TRIR .031 0.7 0 1.29
LTIR 0 0 0 0
Fatalaties 0 0 0 0

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